Friday, February 3, 2017

Celebrating 68th Republic Day at Rustomjee Troopers

Freedom in Mind,
Faith in Words,
Pride in our Hearts
Memories in our Souls,
So let’s take an oath to get together to be the strength of the nation and help it reach great heights and celebrate the 68th Republic Day.

To commemorate this day, “Poster Making, Best out of Waste and Fancy Dress Competitions were conducted for std 5th.
All the participants and winners were certified.

 Poster making

Shah Pratham  & Sawant Sharanya  - bagged 1st Place.

Chaudhary Aayushi, Mehta Vidhant & Shaha Hetvi - bagged 2nd Place  

Maniar Moksha, Mewada Kavya & Ahire Janhavi - bagged 3rd Place.

                                                   Fancy Dress Competition 


Vayeda Jhanvi  - bagged 1st Place.

Gada Aryan, Achari Chetas & Khan Anzar - bagged 2nd Place  

Maniar Maitri & Narkar Bhaumi - bagged 3rd Place.

                                              Best out of Waste 

Thakkar Nishka & Vora Moksha - bagged 1st Place.

Dingreja Bhoomi, Dharia Aryan & Siroya Yashi- bagged 2nd Place  

Birawat Vrushti, Soni Vansh & Baheti Kaushal - bagged 3rd Place.

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